Why Digital Marketing is Important in 2021

Why Digital Marketing is Important in 2021

Coming into the new year, it’s important that we ask ourselves why digital marketing is important in 2021. We must evolve with the times, and the times are calling for a digital transformation across each and every industry.

As a society, we’ve been making more and more technological advances as time has passed, resulting in continual updates, improvements and changes in the marketing sphere. This has only been amped up recently as we’ve moved into a new sense of normal, a digital normal, since Covid-19 entered our lives.

Will you take the plunge and fully embrace digital marketing in 2021? If not, it could mean the beginning of the end for your business.

Different Types of Digital Marketing

There are a few different types of digital marketing to consider when creating a strategy for your business.

PPC or Pay-per-click marketing will draw paid traffic to your site. This means that the advertiser pays the publisher each time the ad has been clicked.

Social Media marketing utilises social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, promoting your brand with engaging content.

SEO marketing involves increasing the business website ranking on Google’s SERP to increase traffic to the site.

Content and video marketing uses creative and engaging images and videos to bring your products, services and business to the forefront.

Personalised email marketing is a tried and true strategy that provides a highly competitive ROI.

Why Digital Marketing is Important in 2021

Here are the reasons why digital marketing will make everything work for your business.


You may be wondering why digital marketing is important for your business. Well, according to a 2019 study, there were over 4.3 billion internet users 3 years ago, imagine how that number has increased since then! A good portion of these internet users are your potential clients. 

Digital marketing is the best way to reach your target market on a global scale. Exposure is your best friend.

Think about it. What’s the first thing you do when you need to find a particular product or service? You Google it, right? If your business isn’t accessible online and your competitors is, guess where your potential clients and customers will go.


Another reason why digital marketing is important in 2021 is the fact that it is a lot more cost effective than traditional marketing techniques AND your business will see the results much faster!

Printing flyers, hiring billboard space and other traditional costs can add up to huge expenditure compared to the cost of running an Instagram ad or setting up a Facebook event for your next sale.

The best part? There’s no waiting around for a printer. Your events, ads and other digital media will be ready to send out into the world almost immediately after the design and copy process has been completed.


If you’re still wondering why digital marketing is important in 2021, let’s take a look at Return on Investment (ROI).

Putting together digital content and marketing it via paid or free means generally works out to have a higher conversion rate than traditional “paper” marketing techniques. This is because most, if not all of your customers can be found online.

Digital marketing also offers businesses access to valuable insights surrounding target markets. This will allow you to tailor your content  more accurately in order to make more sales and garner more interest in your products and services.


Keeping one step ahead of your competition could be your reason for learning why digital marketing is important is 2021. It’s a great reason to do so because it means you and your business will be at the forefront of potential customers’ minds when they need a product or service like yours.

Using your competitors to improve your digital marketing plans can also hugely benefit your business. Monitoring the kind of content they create, how it performs and what marketing tools they’re using can help you dominate your target market. It’s an insider scoop into what works best!


The ability to reach your audience via social platforms, websites and general Google searches is one of the main reasons why digital marketing is important in 2021.

If potential clients don’t see your products and/or services, they don’t know you can help solve their problems. They also may not know how to reach out to you if they’ve heard of your business and have a general enquiry.

Use digital marketing to implement a marketing strategy that involves relationship building from initial contact to sale and beyond and you’ll see a huge boost in business.


Mobile is everything! Seriously. When it comes to why digital marketing is important in 2021, making your content mobile accessible is key!

Billions of people use their phones every day for calls, messaging, browsing social platforms and Google searches.

With digital marketing you can easily reach these people and put your business at the forefront of their thoughts. Next time they need what you’ve got, they’ll be coming to your business because they’ve seen what you can offer!

You can even promote your products and services specifically to mobile users in order to catch the eye of your target market. It’s exciting stuff!


Establishing your brands reputation is a key answer to why digital marketing is important in 2021. Your business needs to put its best foot forward at all times.

Digital marketing allows you to show your business in its best light by utilising video, images and copywriting to create the perfect tone and messaging.

You can also use digital marketing analysis tools to track which of your posts, ads etc. are working well in order to see which type of marketing strategy builds more rapport.

As well as this, you are able to interact with customers directly and address their queries and concerns in a quicker, more personalised manner.


The final point as to why digital marketing is important in 2021 is the fact that it creates higher revenues or higher return on investment (ROI).

You will generally spend less on digital marketing and because of the nature of the internet, your marketing efforts will be seen by more people…it’s a no brainer, really.

Now you can see why digital marketing is absolutely crucial to a business surviving, thriving and dominating it’s competition in 2021. It’s not as scary as it sounds either – as long as you know the basics or you have a marketing team who do, you can set your business up to win without a doubt!

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