2021 Video Marketing Trends Part 2 (3)

2021 Video Marketing Trends Part 2

Here’s the second part of our Video Marketing Trends…

Video Marketing Trend #4

2021 Video Marketing Trends Part 2

Of all the video marketing trends in 2021 that can help propel your business into the spotlight, TikTok and Reels style videos are right at the very top of the list!

In order to fully tap into the power of TikTok style videos, they need to be energetic, fast-paced, fun and entertaining. Dancing, stunts, pranks, silly jingles – all of these are part of the TikTok movement. You just have to give in to the fun.

If you plan on using the TikTok and Reels style video marketing trend in 2021, we suggest planning a storyboard of ideas first – that way you can fully see what the true marketing potential will be.

Video Marketing Trend #5

2021 Video Marketing Trends Part 2 (1)

Video marketing trends in 2021 will show us that less production is best when it comes to videos. Sure, if you’re making a movie, it’s got to be highly produced. For marketing purposes though, low production is the way to go.

YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook videos have changed the type of video viewers want to see. People no longer have issues with video captured on iPhones, home video cameras and other lower quality lenses.

These types of videos are engaging and have a more personal aspect to them which is crucial to the success of online influencers and brand marketing strategies.

Instead of a written message, businesses can now engage with consumers by way of a simple video message through various social media channels like LinkedIn Facebook and Instagram.

Video Marketing Trend #6

2021 Video Marketing Trends Part 2

While short online videos are all the rage on certain social media platforms, some of those same platforms have also mastered the art of pushing long-format video too. As video marketing trends in 2021 go, long-format video is on the rise.

Facebook, YouTube and a few other social platforms have features allowing for longer videos which serves a lot of influencers and other businesses well.

From television services showing long snippets or even full episodes of their programs to influencers conducting interviews with their idols, long-form video can be highly engaging and entertaining.

Stay tuned for more as we delve into the latest video marketing trends 2021 has to offer and recommend marketing tips to elevate your strategy to delight your video-loving customers!

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