2021 Video Marketing Trends Part 3 (1)

2021 Video Marketing Trends Part 3

Here’s the last part of our Video Marketing Trends series…

Video Marketing Trends #7

While the ‘live story’ trend may have started on Instagram, it has now spread to other public and private platforms like Facebook, web chatting and conferences. Live stories are definitely one of the top video marketing trends in 2021 to take advantage of.

The connection built with an audience through the use of live stories can sometimes feel more genuine or authentic. It gives viewers the chance to see you or your business in real time, doing your thing.

Just remember, if you are using live videos, keep it short, sweet and interesting. Don’t overuse the feature and ensure you’ve got good quality audio and video to keep viewers engaged!

2021 Video Marketing Trends Part 3 (1)

Video Marketing Trends #8

When we talk about big video marketing trends in 2021, we can’t go past intuitive interactive video options. We’re talking virtual reality, outbound links and all that exciting stuff that keep audiences engaged.

The best part? Creating interactive video content allows you to make your CTA easily accessible and all part of the experience.

A recent Maybelline video marketing campaign is a great example of this. They layer video behind a box that includes a CTA to keep their users engaged while provided a valuable link to the products they’re promoting. It’s pure interactive genius!

2021 Video Marketing Trends Part 3 (1)

Video Marketing Trends #9

If your business is implementing video marketing trends in 2021, you simply cannot go past user generated content. Did you know that 70% of consumers trust the opinions of fellow consumers? Compare that to only 25% who trust general advertising. Yep, user generated content is marketing gold.

Across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and almost every other social platform in existence, consumers and influencers are sharing their thoughts on brands, products and services via their own written, photographed and videoed content.

2021 Video Marketing Trends Part 3 (1)

If you can collaborate with these influential customers to provide your business with insights, reviews and other relevant content, well, your brand’s trustworthiness (and in turn, selling capacity) is going to soar!

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