Tony Sambell

Tony Sambell

Tony Sambell

Tony Sambell is the Founder and Managing Director of Spicy Web.

Nobody embodies the saying “love what you do and do what you love” more than Tony. He has a strong passion for digital and became an entrepreneur at a young age. With his Spicy Web team, they make sure to not only keep up with the latest trends but also keep ahead of the curve.

Listen as Tony talks about how he began his career. These include graduating from CQ University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia Studies, becoming a Google Certified Individual, building Spicy Web, and more. I love that we can have these kinds of conversations here, and thanks to Tony for making a difference in someone else’s life through digital!

Tony Sambell

Full Transcript


Nick Abregu: Can you hear me?


Tony Sambel: I can.


Nick Abregu: Is it too loud?


Tony Sambel: Its soothing


Nick Abregu: Oh wow! Welcome to… The bass on that real amps up.


Tony Sambel: Freaking beats and bass, everything’s special.


Nick Abregu: So, what I’m gonna do it is get it your seating position and then bring the mic up to wherever you’re gonna be talking. So, you just from her, just bring it up here, anyway you like just to move it wherever you want. Can you get a little comfortable? Alright, talk to me.


Tony Sambel: Okay.


Nick Abregu: Maybe bring it a little bit closer if you’re gonna be sitting that far away.


Tony Sambel: Is this what I’m supposed to be doing?


Nick Abregu: We’re gonna need five hours for this pod cast.


Tony Sambel: We’re gonna have the time.


Nick Abregu: Dude you sound good,


Tony Sambel: Okay, good.


Nick Abregu: Do you like the way you sound?


Tony Sambel: Yeah, I can hear myself.


Nick Abregu: You can’t hear yourself?


Tony Sambel: No, I can, its good don’t have to touch that no.


Nick Abregu: Do you like this s***?


Tony Sambel: Yeah


Nick Abregu: Do you like what’s going on.


Tony Sambel: Its way too much, I’d totally kill it. I know you don’t know what half of those do


Nick Abregu: No, it’s just more channels. Well, all I have to do work out this whole road down here and then I was good.


Tony Sambel: Actually, I have worked, I have mix board before.


Nick Abregu: Have you.


Tony Sambel: Yeah.


Nick Abregu: Your DJ days


Tony Sambel: No, it wasn’t DJ, it was previous life of having a mix board.


Nick Abregu: DJ spicy—really? What’d you do?


Tony Sambel: PA c***, like for conferences and stuff because they all falls under the “you like computers this is awhile, you must know what you’re doing”.


Nick Abregu: I remember one of the events there was at the one of the pieces of authority events, something went wrong, when someone touch something that they weren’t meant to touch and they were panicking they were getting all these cables and stuff getting rid of them and I’m like let’s just see what this does and I press the mute button.


Tony Sambel: Yeah, the mute button. Or the on and off switches. Alright…


Nick Abregu: Hey Google! Where can I find Melbourne’s best NC… of f***, I f***ed it up, let’s start that again.


Hey Google: Your phone is in flight mode. So, I cannot help you with that.


Nick Abregu: All right. All right. We’ll do that again, “Hey Google, where can I find Melbourne and Australia’s best google ad words company?


Tony Sambel: Right here.


Nick Abregu: Tony Sambel is the man, welcome sir.


Tony Sambel: Thank you, glad to be here


Nick Abregu: Thanks for coming, we’ve been recording for already five minutes so really people know that we’re geeks


Tony Sambel: And nerds and bad jokes.


Nick Abregu: Dude, I’m loving the hair.


Tony Sambel: Yeah. Actually, I need to fix it, so it holds it back for me.


Nick Abregu: Oh dang, dude so versatile and the beard and everything.


Tony Sambel: I know. I wanna be a GorillaCo. So, if I grow it a bit big, you might hire me.


Nick Abregu: You’re an honorary


Tony Sambel: Honorary gorilla.


Nick Abregu: Dude thanks for coming.


Tony Sambel: I’m sorry, I’m late dude. I’ve literally been talking about myself all morning if this is gonna work right. I did an intro with another guy that runs a media agency because we’re potentially gonna work together so I’m prepped to toot my own horn.


Nick Abregu: Nice if you would’ve come early, I would’ve been weary.


Tony Sambel: Yeah, you mean I’ve got no life. I can’t wait to do my podcast.


Nick Abregu: What do you mean that’s exactly how you felt.


Tony Sambel: That’s what I was thinking to the drive thru. It’s actually my second, no third time on podcast.


Nick Abregu: Really? What was the other one?


Tony Sambel: There was one for a group called smart business solutions and they just did podcast and the other one was proactive like  just business groups, they were like “oh you got cool story I wanna here about it” and I’m like “OK if you think so” and there’s camera looking at me. I’m like…


Nick Abregu: So, you like these another business podcast


Tony Sambel: It Doesn’t matter.


Nick Abregu: Although its coming from a business.


Tony Sambel: I can talk about any if you like.


Nick Abregu: I just like to chill out with people I know and just…


Tony Sambel: And talk about gardening, weather, I really wanna talk about the weather do you wanna talk about how c*** the weather is?


Nick Abregu: Dude. I’m so, I feel ripped off for this summer what is this s***?


Tony Sambel: Dude you say that like it’s been any different for the last five years. This is my issue with people like ” oh it wasn’t so bad” and I’m like “yes, it is, it’s always been bad” it’s just getting worse. You know I love Melbourne, I love the people, I love the food, I love the coffee, I love the work. I think It’s a great city, but it is getting really hard with this weather.


Nick Abregu: Are you saying it’s too hot


Tony Sambel: No. Well…


Nick Abregu: It’s not hot enough?


Tony Sambel: Its inconsistent.


Nick Abregu: Yeah Melbourne’s stupid.


Tony Sambel: Where’s your cough button?


Nick Abregu: Melbourne’s… Dude, this flood wait hold on. I’ve got sound effects if you want, should we do a sound effect. I’ve got some really good sound effects wait give me a second. There you go.


Tony Sambel: What is this, it’s terrible.


Nick Abregu: This is the best thing ever. Let’s bring this down a little bit.


Tony Sambel: Yeah that’s cool.


Nick Abregu: Okay let’s turn this off, back to normal.


Tony Sambel: Is that how you pretend you’ve been smoking weed, when you do all the writing thing, this is how we talk now.


Nick Abregu: So, before we get sidetracked way too much. Let’s tell our 20 million listeners. Who’s gonna fight that, no one. Who’s gonna transcribe this GorillaCo has 20 million podcast listeners worldwide.


Tony Sambel: Yeah, there’s a full start GorillaCo has full stop. There are 20 million people that listen to your podcast


Nick Abregu: Dude, tell us a little bit about your business, let’s get this out of the way.


Tony Sambel: Get the boring boring stuff out of the way. So, I run a company called spicy web we’re a digital marketing company. We primarily do Google Ad services. Basically, Google is a search engine. It’s mostly ads and that Includes YouTube and 90% of all the ads you see on the Internet good me related one way or the other. We do that for customers, you can blame me for the four second thing you gotta wait through before you get watch a YouTube video.


Nick Abregu: You bastard.


Tony Sambel: Yeah, my job is to make it relevant. Essentially, I make people a lot of money that’s what I do. I make people with some money, more money into me it’s going that way


Nick Abregu: And you’re a google partner?


Tony Sambel: Yep, so one of the first google partners in the county I actually helped them, I guess trial partner program and now we’re number four on their performance partner program that they have. Actually, going up there tomorrow morning they’ve got a big summer party that they do.



Nick Abregu: Lovely.


Tony Sambel: Last summer they rented like a whole island.


Nick Abregu: No. What?


Tony Sambel: I don’t know, it’s a secret, you don’t know till you get an SMS. All I know is I have to dress up to seventies cruise ship.


Nick Abregu: Yes, yes.


Tony Sambel: I don’t really have fled colors. They got like a mood board they send you with like; dressed like these people.


Nick Abregu: Yes.


Tony Sambel: People like me what is the seventies. So, I kind of go with a bow tie, I wore a bow tie and a jacket that doesn’t match my pants.


Nick Abregu: Lovely, perfect and you need those round John Lennon glasses.


Tony Sambel: I can’t stay around with those people. Sorry if the one listening wears round sunglasses. But don’t they just look pretentious.


Nick Abregu: Yeah, they do. I know what you’re saying.


Tony Sambel: You instantly think that person is a wanker.


Nick Abregu: Yeah, absolutely.


Tony Sambel: I find it really hard to like anyone who wears them.


Nick Abregu: I associate those people with people who like the Simpsons.


Tony Sambel: Hey, what the hell.


Nick Abregu: I knew it was a trigger, it was a trigger button.


Tony Sambel: That’s it flip the table over.


Nick Abregu: Dude, god d***. Google is cool.


Tony Sambel: Yeah, they’re up to really cool stuff.


Nick Abregu: I mean even the way they treat their partners. That’s cool.


Tony Sambel: Remember when you came and video that thing at the top Eureka tower, we can do another video with them.


Nick Abregu: That’s cool man.


Tony Sambel: So, we do one probably in May and we do one in September or August something like that.


Nick Abregu: I like the information that you guys are putting out there.


Tony Sambel: Even though remember how I was joking that like this is the NDA and then I’m like you know as if they cross of that stuff and then I left one up turns out that was still under NDA.


Nick Abregu: Really. Did you get in trouble?


Tony Sambel: No, it was just a tap. I’m sorry you do know that was the NDA. Oops!


Nick Abregu: You can’t look in to google anymore.


Tony Sambel: No, I guess more like you wake up those people in black coats.


Nick Abregu: With riffle down– many black stars with that “bzzz”.


Tony Sambel: No more assets if you know what I mean


Nick Abregu: Geez.


Tony Sambel: But they’re cool. They’re up to so much stuff in that presentation let me talk about marketing which is obviously where they make all their money is there like the ads on, but what I like about them is they are such unbureaucratic organization and that’s what I kind of think we’ve been able to succeed with them because I’m  just a farm boy that started up his own business doing google ads and digital. There’s no what school did you go to, who you know like that sort of stuff when you start dealing with some people. It’s just like; I got in this partner program when I was working from home by myself, because I was willing to give my time and I was agile, and I was actually helpful and giving. Because if you work there, you’ll have 15 bosses still, but you still have a lot of free reign. You can’t be held back by your boss because the way that they run their structure, it’s like if you want to be promoted, you can go for a job and your actual boss isn’t allowed to give any input on that.


Nick Abregu: Really? What is the point of being a boss? Why would you rank up to be a boss?


Tony Sambel: I guess you had got freaking a lot of money and better responsibilities and doing cool and better things. I guess the point is that you can’t hold someone’s career back just because you don’t vibe with them.


Nick Abregu: Wow that’s cool.


Tony Sambel: They’ll have all the floor for sure. But at least it protects you from your boss stopping you from getting a promotion or moving to another department or anything like that.


Nick Abregu: Wow! That’s cool. So, what is it how they assess if someone’s being a d*** to you; if your boss is being a d***?


Tony Sambel: For that situation, they’ve got so much stuff in place, I don’t know I mean I don’t work there; I just know a lot about them.


Nick Abregu: Can you imagine the legal stuff; the legal department would be insane.


Tony Sambel: They got killer employers.


Nick Abregu: That’s what you want right.


Tony Sambel: You can’t bite like; they’re all lovely right but I have a friend, his name was Bruce, and he was a Google guy like me, so he know a lot about google. Everyone kind of caught him it was like grinch or not a grinch but anyway he got the nickname Bruoogle because it was like Bruce and Google mixed. He tried to register it because you know he’s gonna be a consultant, Mr. Bruoogle and because it had the double “O-G-L-E” at the end; it’s just instant, automated cease and desist.


Nick Abregu: Really?


Tony Sambel: That wouldn’t have been a human even though it looked like him, they could’ve created a software that scans. The government sites of trademarks and business things just to crush anyone who’s wanna take their stuff.


Nick Abregu: Even the robot are shots.


Tony Sambel: Yeah, robot shots and lasers on their head too.


Nick Abregu: Yes. I had a conversation with one of my partner’s friend, her husband’s a lawyer and she was telling me about this client if theirs and there’s no name or anything like that so no legal things going. And he was saying that he had client that would just sue everyone, this guy I think she said something like they bought a dog, and the dog was a breed that had no tail that’s what the breeder told him.


Tony Sambel: Ah, yeah like a rot wire that used to lock the tail.


Nick Abregu: But he understood that the breeder said these dogs grew up with no tails right.


Tony Sambel:  I’ve never heard of that breed before.


Nick Abregu:  And the dog grew up and he had a tail, so this guy sued the c*** out of this guy, he sued the breeder for like a $100,000 in legal fees for a 600 or $700 dog.


Tony Sambel: That doesn’t make sense, that’s so American isn’t?


Nick Abregu: But like I said it was here in Australia.


Tony Sambel: Yeah, I don’t really get the story or maybe…


Nick Abregu: And he won, he won. What is wrong with the justice system?


Tony Sambel: We’re not in charge.


Nick Abregu: That’s true.


Tony Sambel: We should bring him in here and we do a podcast.


Nick Abregu: Sit him down.


Tony Sambel: Like a Judge Judy style for a podcast.


Nick Abregu: Yes, yes, I love that.


Tony Sambel: Now tell me your story, no shut up, you shut up, you full of c***, you shut up and sit down and you pay him a hundred bucks and get out of here. I’d love that job.


Nick Abregu: And just there we can have the waiting room, the discussion…


Tony Sambel: where they all tell their story and get punch out.


Nick Abregu: The real story, that would be amazing.


Tony Sambel: Do you know we are being sued?


Nick Abregu: No.


Tony Sambel:  No, you never heard of the V-cut?


Nick Abregu: No, never have you?


Tony Sambel: Yeah.


Nick Abregu: Is it fun?


Tony Sambel: No


Nick Abregu: I think someone’s probably gonna say google come out after me for this.


Tony Sambel: Yeah, we don’t want to associate with that man.


Nick Abregu: Just let me get a bit of attraction first.


Tony Sambel: Yeah, okay. We’ll put mine at the end.


Nick Abregu: Definitely.


Tony Sambel: You probably hate Google’s trademark or something like that. So, what your Google is we’re not profiting from this.


Nick Abregu: No, we’re not it’s just…


Tony Sambel: Your probably gonna lose business.


Nick Abregu: You reckon, for having you or no?


Tony Sambel: Or I will…


Nick Abregu: You definitely will.


Tony Sambel: Look where our podcast and listen to it.


Nick Abregu: Your gonna follow this when you put it up.


Tony Sambel: Yeah.


Nick Abregu: No follow this podcast.


Tony Sambel: Get rid of that back link.


Nick Abregu: I’m gonna back link this s*** out of this to your website.


Tony Sambel: No…


Nick Abregu: Just give me one and I’ll be happy.


Tony Sambel: I made a… I thought of like a better genuine evil person that just sues as part, I think because they work in town planning or something like that. So those people go to a cad, because that’s just where they present things, you know always sues people, always getting contested. So, they were people that literally, like contracts is quite nice. Like, I’m the guy that scrolls the bottom side of the paper.


Nick Abregu: Yes, yes.


Tony Sambel: Its more fun that way.


Nick Abregu: Yeah me too.


Tony Sambel: And even if I read it, I wouldn’t remember the line above the one I read. So, anyone I’m in business with just that’s what contract, say its Google like what am I gonna do. Whether I sign this, or we’re done, or I pay a lawyer with 1500 bucks to tell me what it says, which will always be amended which means he’s gonna have to read the amendment like I’m on to you. But yeah it was just saying they literally, because I did the contract myself word of advice; for anyone in business out there you’re better off not having contract than when you draft yourself.


Nick Abregu: Yeah absolutely.


Tony Sambel: Lawyers are worth it for contracts because they basically they read it and found out how they could screw me and that’s just how they do it and sue everyone they work with. And there was this is the agreed dates, it starts on this day and on the back page I wrote the agreement is bonding from the date of signature and because you’ve got two different wordings whoever drafts it, it goes against them that’s why you’re better off signing someone else’s than putting your one upfront.


Nick Abregu: Yeah, why does it go against the person though?


Tony Sambel: Because you drafted it


Nick Abregu: So, you have to put it on their favor to–


Tony Sambel: So, it goes whoever signs someone else’s contract if its contested and there’s ambiguity here’s where I sound like m****, its, confusing then they’ll go in the favor of whoever didn’t draft the contract.


Nick Abregu: Yes, because they’re the ones, that appear as if they’re trying to screw you over.


Tony Sambel: Yeah or should’ve had the advice before drafting it. So, that’s why I…


Nick Abregu: What happens in that contract that you had to go to VCAT?


Tony Sambel: Well, they were suing me because they said, so like you said guidelines we’re gonna get you this performance by these dates like three months, six months, twelve months. Because I say we won’t start that guarantee until we finish the set-up work, which takes like a month. Because she was able to move all those goal posts back a month because the signed contract, which is before and, in that case, she dragged a fake giving us log ins and stuff so we didn’t start for like six weeks.


Nick Abregu: Oh man that’s the worst.


Tony Sambel: And their lawyer, they’re not the lawyer. The judge was really nice, she was a b**** and she kept interrupting him she was just unpleasant. He hated her and he would tell her get out, leave, shut up and stuff.


Nick Abregu: Really.


Tony Sambel: When he had to come do it. You’re gonna learn a lesson. You consider this as doing a course in learning how… or like business course.


Nick Abregu: Wow.


Tony Sambel: And to be fair ten, fifteen grans is a pretty cheap business course I learned a lot. I also learned, I never trusted them from the start you know when you meet someone everything is telling you run, just run.


Nick Abregu: Yeah, yeah


Tony Sambel: But you’re like I need the money. Yeah, I’ll do it. That was 100%.


Nick Abregu: Was this early on?


Tony Sambel: Yeah as early as like five years ago, six years ago.


Nick Abregu: Oh man that sucks.


Tony Sambel: Yeah but it was good because my in-laws are getting had to go to the VCAT at because they’re contesting how dry their vacuuming wasn’t done good enough and they’re less and least. I just went in and like where’s your proof, where’s your facts. Because if your being sued they have to prove that you are the wrong.


Nick Abregu:  Yeah, yeah.


Tony Sambel: You know what I mean, they’ll gonna do all the yammering and they also have to document proof.


Nick Abregu: Yeah.


Tony Sambel: So, I’m like where is it and had fun then.


Nick Abregu: Like a bee didn’t like…


Tony Sambel:  I’ll say stuff and got the judge is like no that’s wrong. It’s not my job to know I’m not a lawyer.


Nick Abregu: That’s true, that’s true.


Tony Sambel: I can go I believe to my knowledge that we don’t have to do this and then he has to figure out whether that’s right or wrong.


Nick Abregu: Did you watch like five seasons of suits before you went in?


Tony Sambel: No, no.


Nick Abregu: But Boston legal that’s the one want to watch.


Tony Sambel:  I’ve never watched Boston legal.


Nick Abregu: You’ve never watched Boston legal


Tony Sambel: No, I watch suits


Nick Abregu: No, Suits is rubbish, suit is…


Tony Sambel: Suits is still way more entertaining than any real law situation.


Nick Abregu: Yeah! Well, Boston legal was proper boring.


Tony Sambel: Okay.


Nick Abregu: And then…


Tony Sambel: That’s why I didn’t watch it.


Nick Abregu: Because at the end they would go to the rooftop and they’d smoke cigars and drink their finest whiskey until they’re like ah yes screw these people.


Tony Sambel:  Lawyers do drink a lot.


Nick Abregu: You have to, you have to.


Tony Sambel: I heard they have like full on bars.


Nick Abregu: In there, in their law firm.


Tony Sambel: I’m not sure not all lawyer listeners now and…


Nick Abregu: I almost went through a lawsuit myself a few years ago before there was like almost close to six figures worth of money there’s like 80 something thousand and I wasn’t being paid for my services.


Tony Sambel: Ah yeah.


Nick Abregu: But I wasn’t a stupid idiot, and there was no contract all there was just email like email confirmations and stuff.


Tony Sambel: Probably better if you drafted your own contract there.


Nick Abregu: Exactly, but I never went down that track because everyone I spoke to, everyone would tell me stories of how they screwed someone else over they just had so much money that will take all this money that will take all these licenses from people and then they would do some dodgey stuff make all this money and then when they’re getting sued it’d go back to the person that owned the building or owned whatever.


Tony Sambel: Yeah.


Nick Abregu: And they’d just pack up and leave.


Tony Sambel: Yeah.


Nick Abregu: And it was just, it was just, I was scared, I was scared to sue because how long is it gonna last for and Am I gonna go mental insane.


Tony Sambel: That’s what VCAT is for; VCAT is more claim, so it’s only, it has to be under a certain value.


Nick Abregu:  Right.


Tony Sambel: You know what I mean.


Nick Abregu: Yeah.


Tony Sambel: And it’s for when someone doesn’t pay an invoice; so, you send someone a 10 grand invoice and they didn’t pay it that’s what VCAT is for.


Nick Abregu: Right, okay.


Tony Sambel: And I’ve sent a few else like see you at VCAT letters and then usually that’s when they go; fine, I’ll pay for a pay because if they don’t go through with it, if they don’t show up.


Nick Abregu: It’s automatic.


Tony Sambel: If you know that you’re dealing with someone that’s isn’t a deadbeat like a deadbeat goes yeah fine I’m gonna suck as much of your time. So, you got to know who you’re dealing with.


Nick Abregu: Right.


Tony Sambel: If its someone whose got nothing but time, don’t bother. If it’s under 10 grand, you gonna lose 10 grands in the days and the prep and all that sort of c*** and legal fees because you’ll probably get some advice even though you don’t need a lawyer for being there to represent yourself.


Nick Abregu: Yeah.


Tony Sambel: But if its someone like a CEO of a big company that’s going; no, I don’t agree with that so I’m not gonna pay it what is it your gonna do and he goes frick I’m gonna have to represent myself.


Nick Abregu: Yeah.


Tony Sambel: It’s like fine ill pay it.


Nick Abregu: So, in VCAT you go in and you represent yourself. I mean do you have to actually stand out and isn’t like the movies the lawyers…


Tony Sambel: You have to put your hand on the Bible.


Nick Abregu: What?


Tony Sambel: There’s no lawyers, I was able to bring my lawyer in but the other side and to agree to it.


Nick Abregu: Really?


Tony Sambel: Yeah. You know. Anyway, but I’m sure they do other things in VCAT too but like there’s people for everything but for business it’s basically the grown-up version of he says.


Nick Abregu: So, you would rather, you would first go to a VCAT rather than a debt collector?


Tony Sambel: No, you got a debt collector


Nick Abregu: Right.


Tony Sambel: And their usual process is we’re gonna like, because they’ll ask you, you’ve got to make sure you’re willing to go through with it because that’s their last thing is that they’ll send VCAT letters out.


Nick Abregu: Right.


Tony Sambel: Yeah.


Nick Abregu: Okay, does VCAT cost anything?


Tony Sambel: I thinks it’s like application fee.


Nick Abregu: And that’s it?


Tony Sambel: Yeah, probably not much.


Nick Abregu: And you get feel like a lawyer for the day.


Tony Sambel: Yeah.


Nick Abregu: You get to feel like a–


Tony Sambel: But like stressed out and can’t to drink some booze and wasting your time and that’s the other thing is that it’s never on time you are stretched out to the max and you’re c***ping your pants.


Nick Abregu: Because it’s your first time.


Tony Sambel: Yeah.


Nick Abregu: I’m gonna get some VCAT people in here and talk about some of the s*** they’re saying.


Tony Sambel: Yeah, just get some people that get sued often much they probably, they are probably good people.


Nick Abregu: Yeah, they might not be good.


Tony Sambel: Yeah, yeah. Find some good people that met bad people like me and can tell their story.


Nick Abregu: I like that, I like that. Dude, that’s fascinating I can imagine the stress; it’s not good stress


Tony Sambel: Yeah, its bad stress.


Nick Abregu: Did you lose hair; you still got your hair man what’s going on?


Tony Sambel: Like I got couple of grey pieces like in here you see; here it keeps coming to the front where is it.


Nick Abregu: You’re 27?


Tony Sambel: No! I wish… 31.


Nick Abregu: You’re not 31, you look like a baby.


Tony Sambel: That’s with the beard, that’s why I grew the beard.


Nick Abregu: You look like a lumber jack.


Tony Sambel: I need to go to the barb today gonna get neat enough.


Nick Abregu: You look like you’re like on your time off, you put a flannelette shirt on.


Tony Sambel: I put a man bun in special occasions.


Nick Abregu: Did you, for Google events?


Tony Sambel: I got full on Japanese Samurai style.


Nick Abregu: Yes.


Tony Sambel: I like that.


Nick Abregu: Yeah, I used to… when I had long hair, I used to tie it up here and have like the bun here with the pineapple.


Tony Sambel: Oh no, no I don’t like the pineapple.


Nick Abregu: Do it.


Tony Sambel: No, it’s the back samurai then tiny fluff, but the long the beard and the longer hair is me being comfortable doing what I want to do.


Nick Abregu: Yes.


Tony Sambel: So that’s where I’m at.


Nick Abregu: Yeah.


Tony Sambel: I used to be clean shaved even when was I just at home I’d shave every day or second day and for a guy I’m eating background like this is just because I’ve been shaved for the last couple of weeks so this is not hard for me to grow it. As you can tell all the at podcast listeners. Like an idiot.


Nick Abregu: Hey we will also…


Tony Sambel: Yeah, on the YouTube?


Nick Abregu: Under… yeah, those things on the tube bro.


Tony Sambel: Ah on the YouTube my son has got a YouTube channel, he’s six and he just started his own channel and talking about Pokémon.


Nick Abregu: Give it a shutout.


Tony Sambel: Mister Jaden’s…


Nick Abregu: Ah, mate come on.


Tony Sambel: Its Mister Jaden’s adventures hold on I made it, I’m his agent so if you want to book him. Yeah, Mister Jaden’s adventures. Five subscribers.


Nick Abregu: Five! He’s got more than me.


Tony Sambel: 14 views on that one 62 views on his first one.


Nick Abregu: What?


Tony Sambel: We got to put up another video


Nick Abregu: Are you doing SCO for it, oh look at that.


Tony Sambel: No, not SEO. I’m just tagging it.


Nick Abregu: Dude, well done.


Tony Sambel: I want to make money; I can’t wait for a thousand subs so that we can I monetize it.


Nick Abregu: What’s after a thousand, how much is that is it $0.10 per…


Tony Sambel: No, it got nothing to do, it’s up and down its algorithm base how much you make but you can’t monetize your channel until you hit amount of subscribers and also a certain amount of views I think you got to have 10,000 views.


Nick Abregu: Minimum to start.


Tony Sambel: And a thousand subs.


Nick Abregu: Yeah.


Tony Sambel: Or ten thousand minutes watch or something like that.


Nick Abregu: Okay.


Tony Sambel: Yeah, I’ll pay attention.


Nick Abregu: Just run a few, just spend a few bucks on some ads and then you get the view count up.


Tony Sambel: You think ads work? oh c*** throw everything down. No, I’m gonna do organic. I think YouTube is a bit different, like if you had a website its actually really fun my wife is a dance teacher and we’re just doing marketing for her and we’re doing like…


Nick Abregu: Like it’s her own.


Tony Sambel: Yeah its actually not her own business she just works there.


Nick Abregu: Right.


Tony Sambel: There’s only two teachers her and the guy that owns it, and we’re running some

Facebook ads doing mail outs…


Nick Abregu: Lovely!


Tony Sambel: Cold calling all that brutal stuff we will all have to go through when we start a business.


Nick Abregu: Lovely.


Tony Sambel: Get you shoe box out.


Nick Abregu: Ah dude your accountant, the business accountant.


Tony Sambel: Yeah.


Nick Abregu: I’m gonna give that guy a call.


Tony Sambel: You definitely should.


Nick Abregu: I’ve been getting all my s*** sorted all my accounting sorted.


Tony Sambel: You should call him before you get all that sorted.


Nick Abregu: That’s true.


Tony Sambel: You have to, it’s like when people clean their house before the cleaner comes.


Nick Abregu: I’ve had accountants before but, I’m always getting late payment fees from ASIC and because I don’t get these emails, I don’t get these letters.


Tony Sambel: Oh, it’s because all going to…


Nick Abregu: To them.


Tony Sambel: Yeah, you know. Just give him a call today, do it today, do it.


Nick Abregu: Because we moved out that ways its more convenient for us now.


Tony Sambel: Yeah, plus even when you get those letters.


Nick Abregu: Yeah, oh by the way, kombucha again.


Tony Sambel: Yeah.


Nick Abregu: If you guys want a sponsor the podcast just get in touch.


Tony Sambel: Yeah, any kombucha company honestly. We’ll take…


Nick Abregu: We’ll take whatever we…


Tony Sambel: Yeah, if guys don’t want us, we can go somewhere else.


Nick Abregu: If you like, I mean we can push it up to 20 million.


Tony Sambel: Exactly. How many sponsors you got lined up for?


Nick Abregu: That’s like all of Australia, all Australia except newborns and elderly people.


Tony Sambel: Yeah, yeah.


Nick Abregu: That they wouldn’t listen.


Tony Sambel: Well, newborns do because they can listen through…


Nick Abregu:  In the womb.


Tony Sambel: Yeah. the pending kids.


Nick Abregu:  The pending kids they’re not even a…


Tony Sambel: Not even a number yet.


Nick Abregu:  Exactly!


Tony Sambel: It’s just processing, buffering.


Nick Abregu: Yeah, but on a serious note. I took your advice on getting my s*** sorted with accounting stuff.


Tony Sambel: Good.


Nick Abregu:  And it’s kind of fun, I’m actually enjoying because I get to see a lot more of what I can do with my money.


Tony Sambel: I find… like we’re creatives, we’re in marketing okay so we keep going to marketing events and I know became we meet each other out there.


Nick Abregu: Yeah.


Tony Sambel: Why, we should go to some for our thing but why do we keep going to people that present about marketing and stuff like that?


Nick Abregu: Yeah.


Tony Sambel: The most I’ve ever been intrigued was well the guy I refer you to who used to run events that’s how I got onto him. I’m like he really knows his stuff and I realize I know none of this.


Nick Abregu: Yeah.


Tony Sambel: And he’s giving me all this free… like same way we do what we present where you give free advice and then then they go okay that blew my mind what else could they do


Nick Abregu: Yeah.


Tony Sambel: But I went to another one and the guys spoke about four casting and your cash flow, yeah it was like cash flow. Because when you’re a business owner, especially in marketing; we try and think oh we should be doing marketing stuff that was the most interesting talk I’ve had in a long time.


Nick Abregu: Yeah.


Tony Sambel: You know what I mean.


Nick Abregu: Yeah.


Tony Sambel: Especially if you’re good at what you do, especially if you’re good at what you’re doing. I guess it’s like…


Nick Abregu: And because you knew the least…


Tony Sambel: Yeah.


Nick Abregu: Right then you go to a marketing events we know this all stuff.


Tony Sambel:  Yeah.


Nick Abregu:  And most of the time it’s not even up to live with it right we’re at


Tony Sambel: No, they’ll be like talking about it for years and I’m like no that’s wrong. It’s like I should be out there in fact I am up there at that time so why am I going to ones where I’m not stage.


Nick Abregu: Yeah.


Tony Sambel: So, I’m cutting back from that other than official Google events and even then, they’re like because we get access to everything early, this is what’s coming out next year.


Nick Abregu: Such privilege, is this white privilege.


Tony Sambel: No, no just privilege.


Nick Abregu:  Google privilege.


Tony Sambel: Yeah, yeah. NDA, giant contract I signed not knowing one word was there. Which is lie I tell people everything


Nick Abregu: But it’s so important to understand.


Tony Sambel: Yeah.


Nick Abregu: And what you can do with your accounts.


Tony Sambel: We went through a business coaching program with Google, so Google put me through like a special business coaching program and its funny we just dissed them earlier but they said two of the people that you really should have good In your business is accounting and legal. Because these are the two areas you can’t sort of fudge. Eventually, you grow out of keeping all your stuff in a spreadsheet and if you screw it up, its bad and then usually; especially for us creatives like fluffy stuff, shiny things the second someone starts talking about dry stuff is like really let me get my phone and start playing angry birds.


Nick Abregu: Angry bird s***.


Tony Sambel: I haven’t actually played that in six years.


Nick Abregu: Yeah, me neither, more.


Tony Sambel: The movies is good.


Nick Abregu: There’s a movie?


Tony Sambel: There’s two.


Nick Abregu: What?


Tony Sambel: Yeah, dude you got to have kids and then you start having fun and watch a movie


Nick Abregu: I’m looking forward to showing kids or my kids not just random kids. Hey look watch this


Tony Sambel: Come with me I got candy.


Nick Abregu: I do like candy, my partner said I’ve got kid’s taste buds.


Tony Sambel: Yeah.


Nick Abregu: But happy feet.


Tony Sambel: Ah, that was horrible


Nick Abregu: No, dude that’s the best,


Tony Sambel: I hated that movie.


Nick Abregu: Why?


Tony Sambel: The only thing I liked about it…


Nick Abregu: That’s the best movie…


Tony Sambel: Was it was somehow it was done in Australia or… it came out forever ago I was in Uni and we got early preview of it because; I think the Uni did something of the product or something like that.


Nick Abregu: Oh really?


Tony Sambel: Hated it.


Nick Abregu: No.


Tony Sambel: Yeah sorry.


Nick Abregu: Is this where we divide? Is this how…


Tony Sambel: Yeah so lucky there’s a lot of equipment separating us. You dissed the Simpsons, I dissed happy feet. I probably loved it I’m not gonna tell you.


Nick Abregu: No, I don’t hate the Simpsons, I just don’t like the people that like the Simpsons.


Tony Sambel: Okay.


Nick Abregu: There a certain thing about them.


Tony Sambel:  I haven’t watched in ten year, so I only like season one and ten.


Nick Abregu: People that quote like the Simpsons. You can’t quote the Simpsons.


Tony Sambel:  That’s liked to be, fair that’s quoting a lot of culture and history though.


Nick Abregu: That’s true. Yes, yes but usually that’s not they’re quoting.


Tony Sambel:  No.


Nick Abregu: Usually, they’re quoting the dumb s*** that like Homer said or something…


Tony Sambel: Yeah, but all my knowledge have a lot of history because of Simpsons.


Nick Abregu: See mine come from Seinfeld.


Tony Sambel: Seinfeld yeah. Okay, we could quote Seinfeld all day.


Nick Abregu: Okay good. That’s the best show they’re bad at nothing. Kind of like this podcast.


Tony Sambel: I watched the pig man episode last night. We’ve been experimenting since the 50s.


Nick Abregu: Yes.


Tony Sambel: I grow up on television.


Nick Abregu: This could be our next podcast.


Tony Sambel: Just chuck in as many quotes. Well, I believe in Easter eggs, if you’re gonna do like podcast you should hide them things around like Easter eggs keeps people from looking.


Nick Abregu: You mean not at me looking around…


Tony Sambel: Yeah.


Nick Abregu: But it seems like you’re not interested


Tony Sambel: Just to keeps them focused on this, this is a lot of boring stuff we’re talking about


Nick Abregu: Dude, no! Okay, you’re gonna listen to this. One day you came like s*** that was interesting.


Tony Sambel: Oh, I’m so amazing.


Nick Abregu: Exactly.




Tony Sambel: Well I know I listen to a lot of podcast, so I hope this one is a scratch to where I want to listen to. Although I hate listening to myself.


Nick Abregu: I kind of like, how can we listen to let say Joe Rogan or those people for thee and a half hour and not be bored right, I never get bored.


Tony Sambel: I guess, the good thing about this is this is actually us we’re not you know you get someone that they take like a red bull or over exaggerate, what we need to do is move on quicker I think that’s the biggest thing that drives me nuts is when they don’t want to change it and spends 15 minutes a day . I know you telling you got 40-minute commute we’re gonna try.


Nick Abregu: You think we don’t move on quick enough?


Tony Sambel:  We are still talking about c***.


Nick Abregu:  Bit its different categories of c*** man.


Tony Sambel: I’ll tell you what if we get a lot of listeners then I would do this every day, we can do this. I love it.


Nick Abregu:  I’d love to for you to be back. We should do, I’m getting, we’re getting another mic set up. Just here.


Tony Sambel:  You’re pointing right there. That’s for a dog sleep. Are you sure?


Nick Abregu:  No, that’s for meditation matt man.


Tony Sambel:  Oh, yeah of course, how can I confuse it.


Nick Abregu: Dude that’s a meditation matt. It’s got a pillow and s***.


Tony Sambel:  So, your podcast room is your meditation room


Nick Abregu: It was actually the studio I would sit in the middle of the studio every Monday and I would. I shouldn’t say this I used to stripped out completely butt naked.


Tony Sambel:  Yeah, that wouldn’t make a good podcast.


Nick Abregu: There’s no video.


Tony Sambel:  Terrible YouTube, what an awesome podcast.


Nick Abregu: Just a video from behind scene so you don’t…


Tony Sambel:  And a naked podcast show see you’ve got a point a difference already. Okay, flip this over great time for a reboot.


Nick Abregu: So, just format this. Format everything


Tony Sambel: Yeah, format it after you film the naked.


Nick Abregu:  And I just sit down and meditate for 20 minutes.


Tony Sambel:  Yeah.


Nick Abregu: And in your barest form.


Tony Sambel:  Barest form yeah ill warm up to that but meditation is good, and I say that us something I’ve only just started doing a tiny bit of and I’m a big advocate for it. Also, this year I’ve taking a lot more time off because after I got back from the holidays, I felt really good and I’m like oh…


Nick Abregu:  That’s what it’s like.


Tony Sambel:  That’s been a little while and I got a pretty good work-life balance, but it doesn’t matter you still gonna be under natural amount of stress when you’re running a company. Even if you’re not running it, working it and something like that. Where do you have anniversaries in March you’ve already booked a long week and then me and my wife want to like hot springs and the peninsula…


Nick Abregu:  So good


Tony Sambel: the other week, just taking those mini holidays, because I’m not… we went to New Zealand and we’re there for five days and that felt like forever.


Nick Abregu: Really?


Tony Sambel: So, I’m not a long holiday guy.


Nick Abregu: Was so many things rushed or was it too relaxing?


Tony Sambel:  No, we went to two places that were like an hour away. Everyone’s like oh you’re gonna go up here and then drive down from that island to this island and I’m like where do you end, where’s the pit. I just want to show you there. As if you wouldn’t.


Nick Abregu: Exactly, I actually… I love driving so, I did a 10 day or 14-day drive.


Tony Sambel: Yeah, I could do that.


Nick Abregu: That’s so nice.


Tony Sambel: I could do that I like doing drives and that was it you see the piece of c*** car we, they’re behind on car.


Nick Abregu: Yeah, I know.


Tony Sambel: And because the fuel was like two dollar fifty a litter, it was this 1.1 litter Toyota something from Japan all buttons are still in Japanese so I couldn’t listen to the radio hybrid. So, but we only used half a tank and that’s like 20 litters for the whole time all day and that was the revenue guts out of it to get up a hill with the battery boost, but if I had a decent car that’d be an amazing place to drive around, but in that piece of c***. I mean the car company might be listening I took that thing down some roads that not be taken.


Nick Abregu: You treated it like a full drive.


Tony Sambel:  Yeah, luckily, I mean the battery made it heavier, but it was really windy, so they were like push it out of the hole.


Nick Abregu:  I can’t remember where it was in New Zealand but I asked the lady I was through and Air B&B and she said you have to go it’s a 20-minute drive down this road and you get to see this most amazing glacial thing ever. I get in the car I star driving and it start becoming nighttime, and I’m driving for an hour and a half and saying where the f*** is this turn though, I couldn’t find… I end up in the middle of a military base. I somehow turn into some entrance and I was 40 minutes into a military base.


Tony Sambel:  Yeah.


Nick Abregu: I’m like; I’m gonna die.


Tony Sambel:  So, tire spikes and the flat lights were gonna put off for you.


Nick Abregu: Dude, I didn’t realize it because I was too busy looking for this thing.


Tony Sambel: So, you drove an hour and a half and to 20-minute drive before you got suspicious.


Nick Abregu:  Yeah.


Tony Sambel: Okay.


Nick Abregu: I don’t give up, I never lose.


Tony Sambel: That’s a good attitude to have. It will get better I promise.


Nick Abregu:  Dude, I don’t want to keep you; I know you’ve got some s*** to do.


Tony Sambel: We’ll do another one.


Nick Abregu: Please.


Tony Sambel: Yeah.


Nick Abregu:  Let’s do it.


Tony Sambel: We got so, much stuff we can do.


Nick Abregu: So much, dude thanks for coming man.


Tony Sambel: It’s my absolute pleasure thank you


Nick Abregu: I think this has been the shortest podcast I’ve done.


Tony Sambel: Well put it in the comment section people whether you like this one over the others.


Nick Abregu: Yes.


Tony Sambel:  Not just for my ego but…


Nick Abregu:  But you might spend them within the next month reading all those comments because its gonna take a long time to read. You know the 20 million.


Tony Sambel: Yeah, but you know I got time.


Nick Abregu: Thanks, so much man.


Tony Sambel: Thank you, my pleasure.


Nick Abregu: I appreciate this.


Tony Sambel: Cheers.


Nick Abregu: Right we’re out.


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