Video Content Packages

Use Video to promote & market your product brand or service.


starts at


$3,500 (excl GST) 

Half day (4hrs video footage)

$6,400 (excl GST) 

1 day (8hrs video footage)

$12,000 (excl GST)

 2 day training (16hrs video footage) 


On location videographer in Melbourne

Lapel mics for focused recording sound

2 camera angles

Choose half day (4hr),  1 day (8hr) 

or 2 (16hr) dayfilming and editing

Post seminar testimonials

Intro/outro with brand  logo and

licensed music 

Up to 2 revisions included

Capture your seminar, workshop or event on video. You can also transform your workshop into a sellable training video online.



starts at


$950 (excl GST) One video,

$650 (excl GST) each, 2-5 videos,
$590 (excl GST) each 6-10 videos

Extras: Animation, transcription, copywriter script, script presenter, changes in script/format of the video.

Video duration 20min  average per video

Read script off teleprompter/ad lib

One-two hour studio time

Intro and outro to video

Logo feature

Licensed music 

Highest mastering colour vibrancy

Two revisions

An online training video whether for employees training or customer training, is a video dedicated to educating viewers on a specific topic with the goal of teaching a skill or knowledge. 



starts at


$1,200 (excl GST) for 10 sec, 

$1,500 (excl GST) for 30 sec,

$1,999 (excl GST) for 1 min

We create concept/story for the video

3-hours studio time for 10 sec video)

5-hour studio time

(for 30 sec video) 

State of the art  camera equipment

including drone

Voice over artist or teleprompter

Music to suit brand message style

and theme

Green screen production background

Green screen production background

Product videos are perhaps the most common way that retailers increase the conversion rate of their website, as customers feel more confident in buying on that website.


starts at


$2,500 (excl GST) 2-minute video,

$3,000 (excl GST) 4-minute, 

$6,000 Cinematic

Extra costs: Cinematic editing, animations, more than 2 revisions.

Company onsite filming

Four hours filming 

Editing and mastering

Enhance colours of video

Licensed music

Includes 2 revisions

A culture video tells a story. It shows rather than tells viewers about specific benefits, opportunities and services.


We edit your raw footage into a spectacular video. Perfect for regular posting on Google, your website or social media. Send us the footage and idea and let us do the editing and mastering for you.

30 sec $80 (excl GST)60 sec $150 (excl GST)90 sec $190 (excl GST)
2 min $220 (excl GST)5 min $299 (excl GST)10 min $499 (excl GST)

⚫ 30 sec $80 (excl GST)

⚫ 60 sec $150 (excl GST)

⚫ 90 sec $190 (excl GST)

⚫ 2 min $220 (excl GST)

⚫ 5 min $299 (excl GST)

⚫ 10 min $499 (excl GST)

We’ll design and implement

a Dominating Marketing Strategy

with your team

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