Why should YOU team up with us?

When you work with us, whether it be as a client or valued third party, you will receive two things:


Outside of the box. We’re not your run-of-the-mill digital marketing agency. We think outside the square to provide results!


Inside the box. You can measure marketing and its top line impact with the right tools, equipment, strategies and expert support. We take care of that for you.

Why Work With Gorilla Co

Let’s talk about the subtle (or not so subtle) art of domination.

It’s something that many businesses are afraid of, or don’t strive to achieve. Isn’t that silly, being afraid of success? There’s nothing wrong with knowing what you want, fighting for that result, and not settling for less.

Tailor your marketing plans and get RESULTS!

We understand you may already have marketing plans in mind, you just need a little help from your friendly neighbourhood creative industry minds. We work in partnership with you, taking into account your wants and needs, and the wants and needs of your business to manage and implement a marketing strategy that works!

Industry knowledge, a unique science and a creative approach will set your marketing efforts apart from the competition.

The marketing industry is a forever-changing, volatile place. This makes it difficult to keep up with trends and be in the know. Enter Gorilla Co! Our collective knowledge of various industries allows us access to a steady stream of data and information that flows from outside the usual taps. We combine our knowledge to create strategic marketing tactics that we implement alongside state-of-the-art technology and years of marketing experience.

24/7 availability. You need us? You got us!

Do you have a quick question you need to ask at 10pm that just can’t wait until morning? Found a great source of information during your Sunday morning social media scrolling that you’d like to share and incorporate into your strategy development? Done and done! Think of us as a virtual office. No set operating hours, no long wait time for a response. We’re here for you here and now – always!

At Gorilla Co we understand RESULTS,
and it shows!

Through listening to our client’s setbacks and talking to them about what their business is lacking, we’ve found that most of them do have the marketing plans and they do have the content. The resulting leads, engagements with clients and overall outcomes, however, do not reflect the efforts they’ve put in.

So how do we dominate our competition? How do we make sure that we can be useful to every single potential client who comes knocking on our door? Simple, we commit to offering a wide range of services to suit our entire target market, from the most prepared client to the client starting right from the beginning.

You will get marketing expert

industry knowledge,

a unique science….

You will get a tailored marketing plan and the results you have been looking for and you have us available 24/7.

Packs to help you dominate
your industry



This is our zero-to-hero package! A complete professional and personalised website service that will set your business on the road to a successful Google ranking, and allow you to be found safely and effectively by your target market. 

Search engine

optimized website

Wordpress website 

Fast page loading for

mobile and PC

Website security 

and maintenance

Create a helpful and

engaging channel for

your market

Enhance your company’s

credibility with

website design

Boost your bottom line

and get more




Got an important event coming up? Allow us to help you showcase it to the world! Transform your workshop into a sellable training video online or as an upsell to your existing service.


edited videos

Professionally filmed




Website security 

and maintenance

Creative cinematic 

video production

Promote your company’s

unique culture and values

Provide the educational

and emotional experience

your audience desires

Create a video program of

your product for your

distributionand launch


Get your audience exponentially connecting to your brand and message across all social media platforms. Share your content and build rapport using cleverly crafted video and image posts.

Well written content 

to effectively expose 

your message and story

Regular, consistent 

posts to all your social

media platforms

Educational 10 second 

videos and pictures to 

engage audience

Boost engagement and

build essential rapport


Broadcast your authentic voice and exciting brand message to existing and new audiences! Perfect for those new to Podcasting and looking to break through in their industry, whilst taking their marketing to a whole new level.

Ensure your message 

is heard and received

on open ears

Free your authentic voice

Generate interest from 

fans who will love your

new professional audio 

AND video Podcast!

Meet the team!

Our team may be small, but we believe in quality over quantity.

We’ve brought together a group of people who know how to utilise their skills to the fullest potential.  With strong technical skill sets based around science, marketing, systems and design, we’re the full package.


Founder of GorillaCo.


Operations Manager


Accounts and Systems




Website Development Technician


Video Editor


Transcription Technician